The Lord Ceo Muk show is the official audio streaming service of Batal production and is designed to further connect the average everyday consumer with business owner from within their local community, globally. Our audio streaming platform offers high quality music on a platform that is fast and secured. Account holders will have the ability to upload sound from any device and share online on a variety of networks. We offer two account types

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 Listener’s account - Users can create their account on our audio streaming platform by using our advanced login system supported by more than seven social networking platforms. The Lord Ceo Muk Show comes with two modes, night & day which is changeable by one click.
 Creator account - Our creators account is designed for the musician and business professional. Along with that we offer a lot more services designed for the industry professional to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community Our store system allow users to sell their own goods with the support of many payment methods
 Events - users that have been approved for an Artist account will have the ability to create events and sell tickets to other users.
 Store - Artist accounts will have the ability to sell their own goods with the support of a variety of payment methods
 Story - All users can upload their stories in audio format only which is available free or as paid advertisement to be promoted to other users


According to Forbes magazine, the very first broadcast medium discovered approximately one hundred years ago, when Pittsburgh’s KDKA aired the return of the 1920 Presidential election. Since then, despite the launch of rival electronic media such as television and the Internet, radio has been thriving. The average American adult still listens for 1 hour and 45 minutes each day. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, in third quarter 2018 AM/FM radio reached 92% of adults 18+ each week. In spite of other audio choices, the reach of AM/FM radio has remained consistent. By comparison, in the past year, the weekly reach of live/time shifted television dropped from 88% to 86%.
Research & development - Given the rapid rate of technological advancement, as a small production house, we realize the importance of staying competitive. Future development to our audio streaming platform that is currently under research and development include the ability to import audio media from YouTube, iTunes and sound cloud. We consider this feature to be very difficult for our competitors to replicate while giving us the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve while anticipating customer demands and/or trends.

Tess of The Road

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