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they will never know



And She didn’t know how to tell him
She was In love with a Rasta Man
Fire was burning and Burning
To let out what she was holding In

I know her story before she say it
Daddy just want her Co-operate
Find somebody that’s corporate
Suit and Tie more appropriate
Him say him naa make him daughter stray
But reggae music she start fi play it
Ital food when she sort her plate
Militant yute wah she want fi date
And that is what she need
Marcus Garvey she start fi read
Hair stop comb and it start look neat
SO him want keep her off the street from who she with
And that be me
More than a natty head is what she see
NO lovers leap is not for me
And she nuh waa keep it a secret but she cant tell him who she sleep with

And she wants to be free
From all this captivity
So she’ll be who she will be
They cant tell her who she need
They cant tell her who she want who she can’t
She talk her owner chant chart her owner path
And follow her owner heart
Call me over her own apartment
Now as I answer the phone that’s the tone she start with
She know say she don’t fi part with
One Like I even though so much impart it
So she haffi do her owner thing
Cause she can never live life for them
Knowing that she would look back when
To the time weh she couldn’t explain to him cause then

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